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Is a Laminectomy a Major Operation?

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat spinal stenosis. However, there are other options for treating the disease. Physical rehabilitation, for example, may be an option after a l...

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What is the most important cause of glioblastoma?

Glioblastoma is a kind of brain cancer affecting both children and adults. It is treatable with surgery and chemotherapy. However, sometimes it is unclear what causes the illness. Some studies sugg...

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Methods of Treating Brain Tumors

Brain tumors are frequent, and medical science has developed various treatment approaches. Both conventional and nonconventional approaches can be used to treat it. Using a chemotherapeutic medicat...

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There are three primary risk factors for aneurysms

Several factors, including the aorta, smoking, and severe injuries or infections, can bring on aneurysms. Aortic aneurysms can be treated using a detachable coil like the Guglielmi coil. An aortic ...

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What Are the Symptoms of an Aneurysm?

A brain or abdominal aorta aneurysm can be scary and life-changing. Aneurysms are frequently mistaken for sinus infections, migraines, or cluster headaches. If undetected, the aneurysm can burst an...

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What Are the Warning Signs of an Aneurysm?

If you have symptoms of an aneurysm, it is essential to consult a doctor as soon as possible. This condition is often difficult to detect, so you may want to have your blood pressure checked or und...

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​Life Expectancy After Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure to fuse vertebrae in the spine. The recovery period after surgery can last from two to six months, depending on the type of spinal fusion and your health condi...

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Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients

A stroke is a severe condition that should be treated immediately. A stroke can cause brain damage, but fortunately, some treatments can help you regain your life. Rehabilitation is essential to he...

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Chemotherapy is one option for treating brain tumors

There is no one standard method for dealing with brain tumors. Laser ablation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted medications are some available options. In this piece, we'll take a look...

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What are the Primary Factors That Contribute to Glioblastoma?

Several different approaches may be taken to treat glioblastoma. Some pharmaceuticals are designed to treat the entire brain, while others zero in on a specific area of the organ. The cells that ma...

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