Philip Henkin

About Philip Henkin

Dr. Philip Henkin is a neurosurgeon with board certification in Brandon, Florida. After years of general neurosurgery, Dr. Henkin has decided to specialize in spinal compression illnesses. He is an expert in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) and spinal reconstruction. Henkin is a sole practitioner with privileges at a number of regional institutions, including St. Joseph's Hospital - South and Tampa Minimally Invasive Spine & Surgery Center. For over two decades, he has effectively relieved his patients of acute and chronic back pain.

Spinal Fusion, Craniotomy, Brain Surgery, Stroke, Glioblastoma, Aneurysm, Scoliosis, Laminectomy, and Brain Tumor are Dr. Henkin's core areas of expertise.

Spinal Minimally Invasive Surgery: Not all conditions can be treated with this technique, but for those that can, MISS can drastically minimize the patient's risk and recovery time. Herniated disc, infection in the spine, narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis), spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis, and removal of a tumor in the spine may be candidates for MIS. Spinal instability, Defect in a portion of the lower vertebrae (Spondylolysis); Vertebral fracture.

MISS utilizes far fewer incisions and minimizes damage to neighboring muscles and other tissues. A tube-shaped tool gently moves tissues out of the surgeon's working space. MISS can reduce the risk of infection, blood loss, and scarring, as well as shorten hospital stays and improve patient functionality. Surgical robotics and real-time microscopic imaging may be deployed. Dr. Henkin is accredited in both the Mazor X Robotic System and Computer Image Guidance Technologies.

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